Bristol Windrush Reggae Choir

Bristol Windrush Reggae Choir is Bristol Reggae Orchestra's unique vocal ensemble that celebrates the Windrush generation and their descendants.

We perform regularly with the Orchestra, and local performers directly connected with the Windrush generation. 

Bristol Windrush Reggae Choir performing at Bristol Beacon

The group was originally formed in 2022, after Bristol Reggae Orchestra received funding from the Windrush Day Grant Scheme. The aim was to create a unique musical collaboration inspired by reggae music to celebrate the contribution of the Windrush generation and their descendants to the cultural, social and economic life of Bristol and beyond.

Moving into 2023, the choir have become a force of nature in their own right and have spread even more love and joy through their eclectic performances, with many more to come. They have sung in multiple Bristol venues, including a Gala Performance at Bristol Beacon. 

Please visit our Upcoming Events page to find out when and where you can see the fabulous Windrush Choir perform next.

The choir meets every other Monday evening in St Agnes Church, St Paul's.

Read reviews of Bristol Windrush Reggae Choir

"Wow, what an honour to be part of this historic Windrush Choir project. It is a wonderful opportunity to recognise all those affectionately now known as the Windrush generation. My parents were part of the Windrush generation and so it has increased historical value and legacy for me personally. Reggae music allows a celebration which is soulfully inspiring and fitting for the celebration of Windrush, to sing the tunes and lyrics from Bob Marley carries deep meaning. So… is it love that I’m feeling…. well yes of course it is"
"This evening was an experience not to be missed! It was really uplifting and the choir came together, the orchestra is brilliant… especially my son who plays bass! It was just fantastic. And I think the coming together of everyone, you know black, white, young, old is just fantastic, I really love it."
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