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Windrush Choir Leader Announcement
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Posted By: Ellie Thornton
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Date Posted: Wed, 15 May 2024

Bristol Windrush Choir and Reggae Orchestra are delighted to announce that Kim Samuels has been chosen as our new Windrush Choir leader.

Read about Kim below:

Kim Samuels is a music educator who teaches voice and keyboards and has over 40 years experience as a community gospel choir leader.

Kim Samuels' music journey started at the age of 8 when she was introduced to the piano. She immediately fell in love with it. Alongside her classical training, Kim absorbed the musical richness that came with growing up in a black pentecostal church in South West London. By her early teens she was teaching piano and had begun playing the clarinet and saxophone.

As a youth, along with her sister, Karen and friends Kim formed a gospel wind band and a gospel vocal band based in their local church. The vocal band, New Dawn still occasionally reunites for special occasions. Kim's first experience as a choir director came in the 1980s when she directed the youth choir at her church. 

Currently, Kim is the leader of Bristol-based Renewal Choir, which she co-founded in 2005 with her husband, Vernon. In addition, Kim leads the UWE Bristol Gospel Choir and is a member of The Kingdom Choir who sang at the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle in 2018. 

In 2023 Kim began writing and self-publishing books on music theory for children. The first two books in the Rhythm Road series can be purchased on, with a third book due for release soon. Find out more about Kim's books here: 

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