...........Aaaaaand repeat!

...........Aaaaaand repeat!
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Posted By: Arden Tomison
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Date Posted: Fri, 11 Nov 2022
The Orchestra and Choir are repeating their world premiere concert for family and friends at Malcolm X Community Centre Monday 14th November. Doors 19.30. Music from 20.00

Some words from the Bristol Beacon gala (22 October) audience:

"Excellent, mental health boost too!"

"The rhythm section were amazing. I love a bit of Dub! The event was great fun."

"What a fantastic event - thank you! It was obvious how much the choir and orchestra - and audience were enjoying it. You should all be very proud. Pure joy!"

"Fantastic event! So enjoyable and know lots of people would love to attend. Definitely need to continue - powerful and entertaining."

"The audience really want to dance to your music - scrap the chairs!"

"Would love to hear more of the choir, and orchestra - maybe join in? More performances in the community, all over Bristol. Thank you to performers, organisers and funders. A project well worth doing."

"I had a fantastic time. You brought joy to me and my friends. Thank you. Please don’t stop."