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We do a mixture of covers and original work e.g. ‘Three Little Birds’ (Bob Marley), ‘Shine’ (Aswad), ‘Big Ship’ (Freddie McGregor) and ‘I’m in the mood for Love’ (Lord Tanamo). We also do classic tunes that have rarely been performed in the reggae style, such as songs made famous by the likes of Nat King Cole and music by more contemporary African and Jazz musicians. We also try to feature songs by local musicians, such as Farm Digging (Bunny Marrett – a Jamaican musician, living in St. Pauls) and Golden Glow by local musicians, AMJ Collective.

You can buy our album and individual tracks on our merch page. Every purchase you make will help towards keeping our charity project running. 

To listen to our album medley or some of our live performance recordings, you can find us on Soundcloud or listen to the tracks below.

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